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Received from Facebook – 12th May 2021

“Starting September 13, 2021, we will discontinue the distribution of inventory partner catalogue listings on Marketplace. Homes for rent and homes for sale listings provided to Facebook via catalogue will no longer be displayed in the feeds or search results on Marketplace.

We need to cater for a wide range of potential buyers and sellers on our platform, and on Marketplace we’ve seen increased usage and demand for shipped goods with onsite checkout. So, to meet that demand, and best serve the people and businesses who use our services, at this moment we are shifting our product resources from supporting distribution of vehicles and property listings via partner catalogues on Marketplace, to expanding our offerings and features for shipped goods with onsite checkout.

While distribution on Marketplace via partner catalogue will stop, the categories will remain available, and distribution for manually created listings will continue.

We will also continue to support Real Estate ads and additional products for Real Estate businesses.”

Automatically Export Properties To Facebook Marketplace

Using this add on your property stock will be automatically sent from your WordPress site to Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Properties

Full Control Over Which Properties Are Sent

From within the settings area of the add on you’ll have the option to select which properties appear on Facebook Marketplace; all properties, or only those belonging to a certain department or office.

Facebook Marketplace Property Export WordPress Settings

Please note that in order to send properties to Facebook Marketplace you’ll need to get your business verified. The steps to do this can be found here.

If you’re already verified you can create and manage your catalogues here.

You will need to email commerce-partnerships@fb.com to ask for Catalog enablement on Marketplace. You will need to specify that you are using Property Hive and send the following information in your e-mail;

– Business ID
– Page ID
– Catalog ID
– Website URL
– Website Privacy Policy URL

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