Locrating – Local Schools, Amenities, Sold Prices, Transport & More

No Setup Required

Once our Locrating add on is installed, buttons will instantly appear on your property details page allowing users to access an array of information about the schools, amenities, transport and more near to the property in question.

NOTE: This add on does require a Locrating subscription. Basic Package: starting at £28.50 +vat per month for a single branch/location agency. Professional Package: starting at £35 +vat per month for a single branch/location agency. Please contact support@locrating.com to obtain further information.

Local Schools Button

Catchment Areas, Ofsted Reports, League Tables, and More

Once the ‘Local Schools’ button is clicked, a fullscreen lightbox will pop up displaying everything you could need to know about the nearby schools.

The information is always being updated too to ensure the latest data is always presented to your users.

Locrating Local Schools Example

Introducing The New Locrating All-In-One Map

With the all-in-one feature you can display transport, sold prices and much more all within a single map.

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