Fixing Bugs

We take pride in our code and put in extensive effort to create bug-free software through rigorous testing. Whenever possible, we even trial new features on live websites before releasing them to the public. However, despite our best efforts, bugs can still surface in software.

Bugs that we discover or are reported by our users are our top priority. We commit to resolving them promptly and making a new release available, typically within a few days.

If you happen to come across a bug, there are several ways to address it:

1. Get in touch with us and report it as an issue.

2. You can also take it upon yourself to fix the matter and send a pull request via our GitHub page.

When reporting bugs, please provide as much detail as possible on how to recreate the issue, including screenshots and any information that might expedite the resolution. Vague descriptions like “It’s broken” or “It doesn’t work” don’t help us or anyone else.

What We Won't Support

We won’t provide support for general WordPress functionalities, such as creating child themes or fixing permissions. For questions regarding these matters, it’s best to seek assistance in the forums.

We also do not offer support for third-party products like plugins and themes. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to the respective plugin or theme author. If you’re unsure about the author, we’ll do our best to help you identify them.

Support won’t be extended to sites hosted on, particularly when dealing with imports or exports.

We won’t provide support if you’re using a theme that already includes property-related functionality. The risk of conflicts and issues is too high in such instances.

Furthermore, support will not be available if you are found to have violated our terms, such as using a purchased add-on on multiple sites with a single license.

Certain add-ons may require specific server configurations, which will be outlined on the individual add-on page. While we’re happy to provide advice on this, we take no responsibility for your hosting package and have no control over it.

We are also not liable for any disruptions resulting from updates. Although we make every effort to avoid changes that could impact existing sites, it’s not always avoidable in a plugin of this scale. We strongly recommend creating backups before updating, and we won’t be responsible for redoing any lost functionality due to lack of backups.

Communication Channels

You can access support via one of the following methods:

1. By email to

Or, if your support enquiry is related to the core plugin (not including pro features) you can:

2. Initiate a support thread on the WordPress repository

3. Raise an issue via GitHub issue tracking

*Please note that we do not offer phone support.

Response Times To Support Queries

For users with a valid license key, we aim to respond within 1-2 business days, though we strive to reply as quickly as possible. Business days are defined as 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

For users without a license key, we’re still happy to offer support, but response times vary based on the current support load, pending queries from licensed users, and the nature of your inquiry. There is no guaranteed timeframe for responses in these cases.

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