Fixing Bugs

We’re proud of our code and endeavour to make bug-free code by performing as much thorough testing as possible. We will also attempt to trial new features on live websites before releasing functionality to the public. That aside, it’s inevitable that bugs will always appear within software no matter how much you test something.

Bugs that have been spotted by us or reported by our users will always be our top priority and we’ll aim to get them resolved and a new release available as soon as possible, normally within a few days.

If you spot a bug, please get in touch, report it as an issue, or you can even resolve the matter yourself and send a pull request through out GitHub page. When reporting bugs, please provide as much information about how to recreate it as possible, screenshots, and anything you think will help us to resolve the matter quickly. Simply saying “It’s broken” or “It doesn’t work” is not very helpful to anyone.

What We Won't Support

We will not offer support for matters relating to general WordPress functionality (creating child themes, fixing permissions etc etc). The forums is the best place to search for and ask questions.

Products (plugins, themes etc) created by third parties will also not be supported. In these scenarios you should contact the author of the plugin/theme where the issue lies. If you’re not sure who the author is we will do what we can to find out on your behalf to point you in the right direction.

We won’t support sites hosted on, especially if trying to get imports or exports working.

We also won’t offer support if you’ve used a theme which already comes with property functionality. The chance of conflicts and issues are too high.

Support will also not be offered if your found to have violated any of our terms. For example, if you’ve only purchased an add on once but have used it on multiple sites.

Some add ons require a certain server configuration (extending timeout limits, installing certain packages etc). Any prerequisites will be listed on the individual add on page. We are happy to advise on this further but hold no responsibility regarding the hosting package you’re using and have no control this.

We also will not be responsible for any breakages as a result of updating functionality. We try our best to not make changes which might effect existing sites but sometimes, with a plugin this size, it is inevitable. We always recommend taking a backup before any updates and won’t be liable for re-doing any functionality that’s been lost as a result of not backing up first.

Communication Channels

Support will only be offered via email, via a support thread on the WordPress repository, or on an issue on our GitHub page.

We do not offer phone support.

Response Times To Support Queries

Users with a license key, we’ll do our best to get a response to you within 1-2 business days, though we’ll endeavour to respond as soon as possible. A ‘business day’ is classed as 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

For users without a license key we’ll still gladly offer support, however there is no guarantee on when you’ll get a response. It depends on the level of support currently being experienced, how many queries are pending from users with license keys, and the nature of your enquiry.