Property Import

Property Import

Automatically import properties to WordPress from the leading estate agency CRM's

Work smarter, not harder.

Harness the power of the market leading property import tool for WordPress.

   Zero data entry

Save hours of your valuable time by automating the input and upkeep of property details on your website.

   Import from the leading CRMs

We support over 50 CRMs and industry-standard formats such as CSV and BLM.

   Create imports in seconds

Our step-by-step wizard makes setting up an import really easy. Simply chose your format and set your preferences to get up and running.

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  • 150m+
    Properties imported in the last 30 days*
  • 1.6k+
    Sites importing properties
  • 9+
    Hours a week saved by agents on average**
* Based on active sites with our Property Import add on installed in the past 30 days with an active import running every hour
** Based on the average site having 124 on market properties, the average property being on the market for 2 months, and an agent spending 35 minutes creating, editing and removing each property over it's lifetime.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which estate agency CRMs and formats do you support?

    Good news! We import properties to WordPress from the majority of leading CRM’s on the market.

    • 10ninety XML
    • Acquaint
    • Agency Pilot JSON
    • Agency Pilot Rest API
    • AgentOS
    • Apex27 XML
    • Arthur Online API
    • BooksterHQ
    • Caldes Contour XML – Local Directory
    • Caldes Contour XML – Remote FTP
    • Citylets XML
    • Decorus
    • Dezrez One XML
    • Dezrez Rezi JSON API
    • Domus
    • Estates IT / PCHomes XML
    • ExpertAgent XML
    • Gnomen XML
    • Jupix XML
    • Juvo XML
    • Kyero XML
    • Lifesycle / Iceberg Digital
    • Loop API
    • MRI Software (Aspasia/Qube XML)
    • MRI Software RAW Data File (Thesaurus)
    • Muven XML
    • myCRM / Property Finder (UAE) XML
    • Realla
    • Reapit / JET SOAP API XML (discontinued)
    • Reapit Foundations (incurs additional monthly fees based on API usage)
    • REAXML (including zipped XML’s with associated media)
    • Rentman XML
    • ReSales Online XML
    • Roby AI CSV
    • SME Professional JSON
    • SME Professional XML
    • Street API
    • SuperControl API
    • Teclet / OTM Software
    • Utili API
    • VaultEA API
    • Vebra Alto API XML (version 12)
    • Virtualneg XML
    • VTUK / iamproperty
    • WebEDGE /
  • My CRM isn't listed. Can you add support for it?

    In most circumstances, yes! Please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • How often will my properties be updated?

    You can set the frequency of your imports to match your requirements.

    Set them to run every 15 mins, hourly, twice daily, daily or on specified hours.

    Automatic imports are reliant on the WordPress cron which is dependent on the traffic to your website.

    To have your imports more consistently, we recommend you set up a cron job on the server which your hosting company can advise on.

  • How many properties can I import?

    Great news. You can import an unlimited number of properties from your CRM to WordPress!

  • How many imports can I have running at one time?

    The Property Hive import add on lets you run multiple imports at once.

    This is useful for agents using multiple CRMs or sites that need to pull in feeds from multiple sources.

  • Can I access my import logs?

    A log is generated every time an import runs.

    The log gives a breakdown of what happened in the import including:

    • Which properties were imported
    • Any errors that were occured
    • Any information that changed
    • Media that was reported
    • Properties taken off the market

    You can opt to have this log emailed to you. Logs can prove useful for reporting and debugging.

  • How do I get support?

    All of our pro packages include access to priority support.

    If you are a legacy license key user (purchased prior to 22/10/2023) you can also access priority support.

    To access this support, please email

    If you do not have a legacy license key (no longer for sale) and are not a PRO user, you can still access support however we cannot guarantee timeframes for a response.

    For more information regarding our support, including timescales, please visit our support policy.

  • How often is your plugin updated?

    It’s important to us to stay relevant, compliant and meet your needs.

    To do this, we regularly update our plugin to accommodate changes that CRM’s make to their APIs and simply add new features (because we can!).

    View changes and updates via the changelog on our WordPress page.

  • What are the server requirements?

    Depending on the number of properties being imported an import can take a while. If you encounter server errors or the import seeming to stop mid-import, we recommend you increase the PHP server setting max_execution_time to overcome this.

    If using the BLM format and a ZIP file is provided, you’ll need the PHP ZipArchive class enabled in order to extract the ZIP’s. This class is enabled by default on most servers.

    If you encounter issues importing the feeds or media when they’ve been provided as URL’s, it’s likely due to the settings on your server. Please ensure either allow_url_fopen or cURL are enabled on the server.

    If using the Vebra or Dezrez Rezi format, you’ll need cURL enabled.

  • What else do I need to bear in mind?

    Please ensure you’re not using an image optimisation plugin such as Insamnity if using BLM or Thesaurus which might modify the original image. We sometimes compare file sizes to check if an image has been updated or not so we need the original as it was when it was first imported to prevent the same image being imported again and again.

    When performing a manual, one-off BLM or CSV import, any media (images, floorplans etc) must be provided as full URLs. When choosing to automatically import BLM files, media can be URL’s or sent as physical files.

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