Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of our FAQs below

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of our FAQs below


  • What is Property Hive?

    Property Hive is the UK’s leading WordPress plugin to add property search to an Estate Agent’s website.

    Our plugin contains all of the key components needed to store and display properties, including search forms, results page and details page.

    In addition, we offer a wide array of add ons to extend the core functionality.

    We also have a free CRM as part of the free core plugin which can also be extended.

  • Where can I trial or demo Property Hive?

    Our core Property Hive plugin is free to download and is available here. You can demo it here or setup a quick WordPress testing site at TasteWP. We don’t offer trial periods on any of our premium add ons, although we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if your purchased premium plugins don’t meet your requirements.

  • How much does Property Hive cost?

    The core Property Hive plugin itself, available on the WordPress repository, is completely free. This comes with property search functionality as well as a whole host of other features. This plugin is all open source and available for any developer to contribute to.

    We then have a range of add ons available. These are all priced individually and are one-off costs. When you buy an add on it can only be used on a single site and you will stick with the version you buy (read below for information on how to keep updated).

    We then have an optional annual license key which you can purchase here. This license key gives you two main benefits: getting priority support and receiving updates to any add ons you’ve purchased. As stated, this is optional. The site and all add ons will operate with or without a license key.

    Please note add ons need to be purchased per site (exceptions will be made for staging and development site).

  • Does Property Hive work with page builders?

    The only page builder we have official support for is Elementor whereby you can build the property details page using the Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

    For other page builders, Property Hive and the page builder will likely run fine being installed on the same site, though the pages you build using your chosen page builder are separate from the Property Hive pages and templates. The fact it’s a “page builder”-esque theme makes no difference here.

    The Property Hive pages and templates are not normal ‘pages’. The search results page is an ‘archive’ page, much like a blog, and the individual property details pages are ‘single’ pages, much like the individual posts of a blog. As such, you don’t build these pages using any kind of page builder functionality.

    The only way in which a page builder might be used in conjunction with Property Hive is when including shortcodes, for example when wanting to include a search form on the homepage, or similar.

    We have many sites using Property Hive and page builders (Divi, Enfold, and many more) in the same environment without issue so, although they have no direct impact on each other, they do work side-by-side. To make changes to the Property Hive pages, depending on the layout you’re after and how bespoke it is, it would be a combination of using our free Template Assistant add on, CSS, and for more advanced changes to HTML structure, overriding templates as documented here.

  • Will I need to know how to code to use Property Hive?

    It all depends on how you want your website to look and how bespoke and complex you want the site to be.

    If you want everything to come styled out of the box and not get involved in coding and CSS then our free Honeycomb theme might be for you.

    Alternatively, if wanting to use your own theme, it’s worth nothing that Property Hive isn’t a theme where everything looks perfect out of the box. This plugin is a platform which offers the functionality and key components. It’s then up to you to lay them out and style them how you want to match the theme you’re using.

    In this scenario you’ll undoubtedly need beginner to intermediate level CSS knowledge. Beginner PHP knowledge is also advisable, however our documentation should help get you up to speed with how to customise your website. Again, the more bespoke you want your site, the higher level of coding knowledge you’ll need.

    If you have no coding experience, we recommend hiring a WordPress developer, or looking through our Developer Directory to find developers experienced in building sites with Property Hive.

  • Is Property Hive multisite compatible?

    Yes. Property Hive will function on a multisite setup. We use as much of the core WordPress functionality as possible (custom post types, taxonomies etc) which not only results in it working by default without issue, but also ensures it’s more future-proof.

  • Is Property Hive available in other languages?

    Property Hive has been built with translation in mind. Everywhere that text has been output we’ve tried to use the in-built WordPress functions that allow the translation. For example:

    __( 'Text here', 'propertyhive' )

    As such, technically Property Hive does support multi-language. At the time of writing however we haven’t tested additional languages. This is not because we don’t want to support other languages, but more that it hasn’t been requested.

    We are going to be looking at using the service and need to do some more investigation into this and decide on a plan of attack before announcing official multi-language support.

    As Property Hive is open source, if you’re interested in looking into this for your own benefit it is possible for you to contribute and will be greatly received by the rest of the community.

  • How secure is Property Hive?

    Property Hive has been running since 2015 and since then has undergone multiple security reviews.

    All input and output is validated and sanitised and to this date, we have not had one report of a site being compromised as a result of Property Hive.


Add Ons

  • Do you offer a trial period for add ons?

    We do not offer a trial period for paid add ons.

    We do however offer a 30 day money back guarantee period to offer you reassurance and flexibility.

  • Will I receive updates to any purchased add ons?

    With a license key in place, you will receive updates. These will appear in WordPress like regular plugin updates.

    If no license key has been purchased, the add on will continue to work however you will remain on the version that you purchased at the time.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Of course, we would always prefer to work with you to resolve any issues.

    Saying that, we are happy to refund any purchases if they fall within 30 days of purchasing, with no questions asked.

  • Can you help me setup my add ons?

    Due to their technical nature, we are happy to assist with setting up add ons that perform an import or export.

    For other add ons, if a license key is in place, we can help with basic set up.

    It goes without saying that if there is a bug or the add on is not working for you, we will always look into these matters.



  • How can I access support?

    Please email to access support.

    If you have a license key, please quote the license key number in your email.

  • How quickly will I receive a response?

    If a license key is in place you can expect a response within 1-2 business days.

    We cannot commit to response times where there is no license key in place as this depends on the support levels from customers with license keys. Therefore, if you do not have a license key, we will deal with your query as soon as possible.

  • Do you offer phone support?

    No. Our support is offered over email.

  • Where is your support team based?

    Our team are based in Warwickshire in the UK.

  • Can you help me setup my add ons?

    Due to their technical nature, we are happy to assist with setting up add ons that perform an import or export.

    For other add ons, if a license key is in place, we can help with basic set up.

    It goes without saying that if there is a bug or the add on is not working for you, we will always look into these matters.

  • Do you have a support policy?

    We do. You can access our support policy here.