Add Ons

Add-ons give you ability to extend the default functionality of Property Hive and to only use the features you need. By default Property Hive will allow you to manage your properties and display them on your website. Add-ons allow you to take it to the next level.

See below for our range of available add-ons:


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Develop an add-on and make money

If you're a budding developer like us and have an idea for a new add-on, we're more than happy for you to develop it. We'll make sure you're rightly reinstated for your time by providing commission on every future sale of the add-on*.

Talk to us before you begin your idea and we'll get you going in the right direction.

* Commission will only be paid once the add-on has been used for more than the money back guarantee period.

Got an idea for an add-on?

We're always open to suggestions for add-ons. If you have an idea for an add-on that doesn't exist yet, and that would benefit the community, submit your idea and we'll take a look.