Front End Property Submissions

Allow Users To Submit Properties Through Your Site

The easy-to-complete form can be added to any page or lightbox on your website. It comes pre-styled and is broken into 5 steps to make it simple to fill in by your users.

All information about the property can be entered, from the address to images and floorplans.

For the tech-savvy, fields can be modified using WordPress filters.

Front End Property Submission Form

Moderate Submitted Properties

Properties submitted won’t appear on the website straight away and will require moderation. Simply check the details, click ‘Publish’ and the property will instantly appear on your website.

Moderating Frontend Property Submissions

Show Users The Properties They've Submitted

It’s easy to display a list of properties to the user that they have submitted. They can see details of the the property, if it’s approved yet, and click through to view the full property details.


Customisable Settings

The add on comes with a set of customisable options. Choose whether users must be logged in before being able to submit properties, and more.


Things to consider before purchasing

– This add on does not handle any user login/registration functionality. If you require users to be logged in before submitting properties this functionality must be handled outside of Property Hive.

– The add on has no payment integration. There is currently no way through the add on to charge people for listing properties. We might look at adding this feature in the future.

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