About Us

UK based with a passion for property and software, we’re people just like you. Find out more about us below.

Our Aims

To disrupt the estate agency software industry

We are already disrupting and revolutionising the current estate agency software industry by introducing our free and open source property software for WordPress.

Whether you use Property Hive for your website, or to manage your entire agency, we offer all the tools ready for you to get operational in minutes for free.

We’ve already seen people move to Property Hive from other established (and expensive) property software alternatives and will continue to spread the word so people know a viable solution exists that they can be a part of.

Make it quick and easy to get a property website up and running.

Before Property Hive existed we used to build sites for estate agents. Each time it would be a case of creating a bespoke theme and writing a custom integration with their chosen software. This took days, if not weeks, per site.

We built Property Hive to take away this struggle and to offer most of the functionality required to build a property website off-the-shelf. Out of the box you’ll get all of the components you’d expect to find on a property website (search forms, listings page, details page and more), as well as a whole range of add ons to add even more advanced functionality, including things such as Map Search and Property Imports from third parties.

Offer an open-source, community-driven product that everyone can contribute to

Right from the outset our number one aim has always been to become a community driven product where estate agents and web developers can all work together to create the best software available.

Being open source means that anyone can contribute to features and build their own functionality. No longer do you need to file a feature request, only to wait months for it to be done, or even rejected and not done at all.

On top of this our entire feature roadmap is available for anyone to view so you can add your own ideas, or see what we’re working on at any one time.

Offer affordable software

If you’re an estate agency and you currently use property software, it’s probably a fair chunk of your monthly budget that goes towards this software. For startups or smaller agencies this can amount up but you probably feel like you don’t have an alternative.

With Property Hive you can manage your website, as well as benefit from all the other advanced functionality you might find in other software alternatives, all for free with no monthly costs or contracts.

The History of Property Hive

Property Hive was launched onto the WordPress plugin repository in November 2015 and was the brainchild of our founder Steve who had worked in the property software industry for over 15 years.

Whilst working for other property software companies Steve noticed that there was no free and open-source property software available. All the options available to agents were very restrictive when it came to wanting new or different functionality, not to mention expensive, especially for start-ups or one man bands. It just seemed so backwards when most other industries have these free options available, be it doing accounting, building an e-commerce website or even creating AI’s.

As a result of this Property Hive was born.

At the time of launch all you could do was build a simple property website using WordPress. Many years later and you can now use it to not only build fantastic websites, but also manage your agencies day-to-day operations. We’ve done 100+ version updates, released over 40 add ons, and have a growing team dedicated to Property Hive’s continued success.