For Developers

First and foremost, we are developers with a passion for property.

Over 250 WordPress hooks, filters and actions

We’ve made Property Hive as customisable as possible by using WordPress hooks throughout. From adding new custom fields to a property, to amending the subject of property enquiry emails, it’s easy to extend Property Hive to match your agencies requirements.

Property Hive WordPress Hooks

Integrates with the WordPress REST API

Following the release of WordPress 4.7. and the merge of the REST API into core, we instantly added support for this in Property Hive. Accessing and writing property data from other third party applications has never been easier.

White Label

Giving access to clients? White label Property Hive and brand it how you like.

Get Involved

Property Hive is all open source on GitHub meaning you can contribute to the code, or raise issues for us, or other developers, to address.

We pride ourselves on our community-ethos and will always listen to ideas and contributions from other developers.

Property Hive on GitHub

See what we're working on

Our feature roadmap is open for everyone to view so you can see exactly what’s been suggested by others, what’s being worked on currently, and what’s been recently released.

You are welcome to comment on features, or ‘watch’ cards to get notified as they progress.

Every suggestion we receive get’s added to this roadmap and we always welcome others feedback.

Property Hive Trello Roadmap