White Label

Make Property Hive Your Own

With this add on you can white label the Property Hive plugin for WordPress. It will replace all occurrences of the words ‘Property Hive’ and replace it with another name of your choice.

This is great if you’re an estate agent and want to make it your own, or if you’re a design or development agency and don’t want the client to know you’re using Property Hive.

Up and Running in Seconds

It literally couldn’t be easier to get started. Once activated a new settings tab will appear allowing you to enter the desired replacement name. Simply enter a value and you’re done.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing This Add On

Please note that even after using this add on there may still be occurrences of the words ‘property hive’ or initials ‘ph’ in filenames, code and URL’s within the admin area. The replacement will only occur to labels output in the WordPress admin UI.

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