Stamp Duty Calculator

Easy To Add Using Shortcode

Updated September 2022.

You can add a stamp duty calculator to your estate agency website in just a few seconds. Simply add the [stamp_duty_calculator] shortcode to WordPress where you want it to be located.

Styled Stamp Duty Calculator On Your Website

The stamp duty calculator form comes styled out-of-the-box so there’s no coding or technical knowledge required. However, for the more tech-savvy amongst you, making amendments to how it looks will take minutes.


Allow Users To Calculate The Stamp Duty

Once added to your WordPress website, your users can then enter the purchase price of a property and will instantly be shown the calculated stamp duty.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Support for Scotland, Wales and Commercial Stamp Duty

As well as the [stamp_duty_calculator] shortcode to output a Stamp Duty calculator for England/NI rates, we also have additional shortcodes for use in Wales, Scotland or for commercial properties. These are as follows:


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