Radial Search

Enhance Your Users Property Search Experience

No longer are users restricted to searching in a single location. By adding this radial search add on you can allow users to search within a certain number of miles from their specified location.

Property Hive Radial Search

Search Based On A Users Current Location

Enable this setting and users can search for properties based on their current location to get properties around them.

Search Properties By Current Location

  • This add on requires the ‘allow_url_fopen‘ PHP setting be enabled as it makes requests to a third party service to geocode locations entered by the user to lat/lng co-ordinates.
  • If installing this add on on an existing site that already contains properties, you’ll have to go through all of the properties and just click ‘Update’ to include the property in radial searches. We’re working on automating this process.
  • This add on only provides the infrastructure to perform radial searches. It doesn’t add the ‘Radius’ dropdown to the search form out-of-the-box. You’ll need to update the search form to add a location search box and radius dropdown. We’re on hand to provide advice on this should you require it.

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