Zoopla Real-Time Listings

Properties Updated on Zoopla Instantly

As soon as a property is created or updated in WordPress, a request will be sent immediately to Zoopla ensuring the details shown on your site and theirs are always kept in sync, in real-time.

Update WordPress Post Meta Box

Setup and Manage Feeds Through WordPress

There’s no need to get in touch with us to set anything up as everything can be controlled by you within WordPress and the Property Hive settings area.

Here you can create the feed, enter all of the details Zoopla have provided, as well as other configuration options.

Zoopla Real-Time Feed Add on Settings

Every Request Logged, Good and Bad

We’ve included extensive logging into this add-on so you’ll be able to see exactly which properties were sent in what requests, when, and the outcome of each request.

When saving a property you’ll also instantly be notified if it failed to send so you can rectify the issue there and then.

Zoopla RTDF Log

  • When setting up the certificates with Zoopla please let them know you are using Property Hive as this will speed up the time to go live.
  • This plugin requires that cURL be enabled on the server that the website is hosted on. Your web developer or hosting company will be able to answer this if you’re unsure.
  • This plugin requires that a private key and CSR be created on your server as part of the setup process (more on this in our documentation). As a result it’s preferable that you have command line server access to generate these. If you don’t or are unsure, simply get in touch and we’ll do what we can to assist as we may be able to create these on your behalf.
  • We’re hearing from Zoopla that in order for them to obtain images there must be an Etag header present. Please ensure your server can support Etags or that you can at least enable them.

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