Property Portal BLM Export

Send To Multiple Property Portals

There is no limit on the number of portals that you can setup. Each one is treated individually and each can have their own options set. Want one to be active and another to be in ‘Test’ mode? Want to send one only once each day but another twice per day. This is all possible with this add-on.


Choose Which Properties Get Sent

Once activated, the different portals will display under the ‘Marketing’ section of a property. This means you can explicitly choose which properties go to which sites. The add on supports both UK and international properties.

Everything Logged

You can enable logging and keep a history of exactly what was sent, to who, and when. You’ll also be able to see the start and finish time of each feed being ran, and whether an upload failed.


  • Please check with the property portals you wish to send your properties to that they support the BLM format.
  • Rightmove and OnTheMarket no longer support this format. You should use our RTDF add on in this scenario.
  • Zoopla no longer support this format. You should our Zoopla Real-Time Lisings add on for this portal

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