Rightmove and OnTheMarket Real-Time DataFeed (RTDF)

Developed by Property Hive

Properties Sent Instantly

As soon as you publish, update or trash a property in WordPress, a request will be sent immediately to the property portal ensuring the details shown on your site and theirs are always kept in sync, in real-time.

The add on supports both UK and international properties, and can send properties to Rightmove, OnTheMarket and other portals which support the same format. If you’re unsure get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Zoopla have a different real-time format which we support with our Zoopla Real-Time Feed add on.

Send to multiple property portals

Whether it’s one portal that you want to send your properties to in real-time, or ten, we’ve got you covered. As long as they support the same RTDF format as Rightmove, it’s easy to add and manage all aspects of the portals meaning getting up and running is easy.


Every Request Logged, Good and Bad

We know that sometimes properties go missing on portals, or don’t appear as they should. That’s why we’ve included extensive logging into this add-in. You’ll be able to see which properties were sent in what requests, when, and the outcome of each request.


  • We believe that Rightmove and OnTheMarket are currently the only property portals to support this specific format. We’ll update this as and when other property portals support this format too.
  • This plugin requires that cURL be enabled on the server that the website is hosted on. Your web developer will be able to answer this if you’re unsure.
  • If your site is running over HTTPS, or your considering using an SSL certificate, please note in the Rightmove docs it reads as follows: “If using HTTPS when sending media, please ensure that your certificate provider is in Oracle’s JRE/JDK verified list. Please also ensure that your server supports TLS v 1.0, otherwise we will not be able to download the images. Rightmove is unable to support any newer versions at this time.
Price: £149.99 (one-off)

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