Default set of document templates to choose from

We’ve provided a default set of templates for you to import into your template library to get you started. Through the use of having templates in place we’ll save you time, ensure any documents generated are consistent, and reduce the need for manual interaction thus reducing typos.

Customise your document templates

Easily add or edit templates through the add on settings area allowing you to customise the content, add a header and footer, and set the branding to match your estate agencies needs.

All document templates are in the .docx format meaning you can use a wide range of applications to edit them, including Microsoft Word or Google Drive.

Create documents at the click of a button

When creating new documents we’ll automatically merge the dynamic information such as names, addresses, and more, meaning all you have to do is print and send.

Upload your own documents

Upload pre-existing documents, or items that you’ve scanned in such as ID’s, and store them against the relevant record for reference.

Uploaded documents are kept secure with URL’s only being accessible by logged in users.

Give clients access to generated documents

You can select whether a document should be public or not. Public documents will appear within a client’s account should you allow them to login.

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