Houzez Theme Data Bridge

Use The Houzez Theme With Property Hive

By far one of the most common support queries we get is: “Does Property Hive work with the Houzez theme?

Our response has always been a straight “No“, however it got us thinking about how this might in fact be possible so more people can benefit from using Property Hive.

With this data bridge you can use the Houzez theme for the frontend, whilst still benefiting from Property Hive functionality, such as importing your properties from third party software (such as Jupix, ExpertAgent etc), digital displays, and more.

Data Synced Automatically

Once installed and enabled, data from within Property Hive will be synced to the Houzez theme automatically every 15 minutes. Simply import or manage your properties in Property Hive, and let the add on take care of the rest.

Please note this only works in the context of a single agency site, and not for building property portals.

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Price: £19.99 ex. VAT, one-off
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