Infinite Scroll

A Continuous Stream Of Properties

When you use sites such as Facebook or Twitter, you’ll notice that more posts get loaded to the bottom of the page as you reach the bottom.

With our Infinite Scroll add on you can have this same functionality on your property results page by removing pagination and loading a continuous stream of properties.

Infinite Property Scroll Animation

Decide Which Devices This Should Apply To

We appreciate that you might only want to offer this functionality to users on mobile devices as they swipe their way through the results. As a result,  we’ve given you the ability to choose on which devices the infinite scroll functionality should be available.

Infininte Scroll Device Setting

You Choose How It Works

The add on also comes with options regarding how the infinite scroll should function. Choose whether properties should be auto-loaded as the user reaches the bottom of the screen, or if they must click a ‘Load More’ button.

Infininte Scroll Functionality Setting

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