Monthly Roundup: January 2020

4th February 2020

We’ve kicked off the new year and taken it by storm with a hive of activity during January. From lots of new releases to the launch of the some new services, we’ve put together an overview of what’s been happening below.

Don’t forget to update your Property Hive plugins if you have a license key to receive all the updates mentioned below. If you don’t have a license key, you can purchase one here.

Data Migration service

Data migrations are a massive undertaking when moving CRM systems, however we now have two simple solutions to help your data migration run as smooth and stress free as possible.

The first service we have launched is our data migration service. With access to your data, we can take over and complete your the whole migration from start to finish for you.

If you’d rather handle things yourself, we’ve just released a new Data Import and Migration add on to help you move your data from your existing CRM to Property Hive following our step by step wizard.

Book Migration Now
Data Migration Add On

Improved note management:

We’ve made significant changes to the way in which notes are stored and displayed. Previously, any note added to a viewing, for example, would only appear on that viewing, however with this update we now ensure the note is also displayed on all related entities. A note added to a viewing will now appear on the property, the owner and the applicant records. This rule applies to all post types. We’ve also added a new filter to the notes grid so you can select which types of note you wish to show. Over time, this list of history and notes can grow and become quite a busy area of the record so with this filter we hope to make it easier to see only the entries you’re interested in.

Improved Search:

When searching for viewings, offers and sales by a keyword within the admin area of WordPress, we’ll also search the property address and applicant name.

Postcode Search Enhancements:

When a user searches for properties on your website, we now support postcodes being entered without a space. For example, previously if the user would’ve searched for ‘B388SD’, it would’ve returned no results. Now we will cater for this scenario and return properties accordingly.

You can read in more detail about the updates this January in our Blog Post linked down below.

Version 1.4.52 Released
Version 1.4.53 Released

Developer Directory

As of 2020, we made the decision to stop our integration service so that we can focus our development time on improving Property Hive and releasing new features. To still ensure you have access to help that you need when looking for a web developer to fully integrate Property Hive into your WordPress website, we have launched our new Developer Directory. This contains a list of hand selected web developers who specialise in WordPress and have worked with Property Hive previously who will be able to help you with integrations and any other modifications you wish to make to your Property Hive WordPress website.

View Developer Directory

Sitemap Change and Newsletter

We are always reviewing our products and services to see how we can improve their usability. One of the things we have reviewed this month is the way our website works and how users can navigate this more effectively. We’ve made some changes to our sitemap which should hopefully make it easier to find things.

All of our updates, changes and upcoming features are also sent out in a regular newsletter. To keep up to date with what’s new and with additional hints and tips you can sign up to our newsletter using the form below this post.

Extra Updates

As well as our main Property Hive plugin we’ve made some updates to some of our add ons. If you have a license key, then you will be able to update to the latest version for the following add ons:
Radial Search
Property Portal BLM Export
SMS Integration
Rightmove & On The Market Real Time Data Feed
Kyero Export

Websites Using Property Hive

We love hearing from you when you’ve recently put your website live and are using our Property Hive plugin. Keep sending your sites our way.

January’s picks are:

Rees Richards
Twenty Twenty Property

We hope you’ve enjoyed January’s monthly roundup. We have lot’s planned throughout February.
Until then make sure that you’ve purchased your license key and have added it to the settings area of Property Hive in your WordPress dashboard to get all the updates listed below.
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