Introducing Our Data Migration Service – Switch To Property Hive From Your Existing Software Provider

20th January 2020

We know first hand that one of the reasons estate agencies don’t like moving software providers is the data migration process. We can help with this with the launch of our new data migration service.

There are many benefits to moving to Property Hive and using our WordPress plugin as your primary estate agency software. Here’s just a couple of reasons:

Reduced cost
We don’t have big fancy offices, we have very little overheads, and we don’t need expensive servers as you host everything yourself on your chosen hosting solution. We run on WordPress, which is free and all open source, and the core agency functionality such as applicant matching, viewings, offers etc is all part of the core free plugin too. You simply pay for any add ons you require.

We integrate with over 50 partners
From major property portals such as Rightmove, OnTheMarket and Zoopla, to other suppliers such as Twilio for SMS or Locrating to display local schools, we integrate with an ever expanding number of third parties.

Developed by anyone
If there’s a feature you want to add or modify, you can find your own developer to make the necessary changes due to Property Hive being free, open source software. Alternatively, we have a Developer Directory made up of hand selected Property Hive and WordPress savvy developers to help you.

Manage your website and data in one place
Your properties and agency data are all managed within the same WordPress installation. There is no need to transfer properties elsewhere to get them on your website. Timing is everything when marketing properties, so it’s good to know that any properties added to Property Hive appear instantly on your website with no delay.

Have more input into features
Right from the beginning our ethos has been to build a product that everyone can contribute to in some way. If you’re a developer you can add your own code and features, or if you have an idea, you can submit it via our feature roadmap where you can also see other upcoming feature ideas and vote on them.

There are lots of other reasons to switch to Property Hive but if you are looking to make the move, one of the key things to stop you from moving away from your existing property software might be the thought of migrating your existing data over.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got 2 solutions for this to make the process as simple as possible.

Use our new Data Import add on

Our brand new Data Import add on gives you the ability to upload CSV files containing your data and, following a step-by-step wizard, import the data yourself. This can be used to import everything from applicants to sales. If you’re comfortable with editing spreadsheets then you can do the whole migration yourself using this method.

Let us do the hard work

If you can provide us with the data from your existing provider we’ll do the hard work on your behalf.

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