Monthly Roundup: August 2020

3rd September 2020


This latest addition to the Property Hive catalogue allows you to sync appointments directly from Property Hive to your Office calendar as well as view emails sent and received through a specified email address.

This means that any events and appraisals added in Property Hive, will now show in your Outlook calendar. This version only allows a one way sync to your calendar, but we will be looking to develop this further in later versions.

When in a contact record in Property Hive you’ll be able to see any correspondence between the contact and anyone in your organisation.

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Welcome to our August monthly roundup

We spent August finalising our brand new Microsoft Office 365 add on and are super proud to be releasing this into the world after so many requests from many of our customers. Although this has been a huge project for our development team, we’ve still managed to find some time to add in a few other updates;

Property Import

We’ve added functionality to our popular Property Import add on so you can now import properties from Caldes and VirtualNeg directly to your WordPress Estate Agency website.

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Locrating allows you to show local amenities, schools and more on your single property page. In the latest update to our Locrating Add On, we’ve added a tick box to specify you have a subscription. The functionality for this add on will only work when this box is ticked. You can read more about these changes here.

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Case Studies

You can check out the latest case study for Brownill Vickers here. A well established estate agency based in the North East of England. We look at what Property Hive add ons they’ve used to build their site.

Bitesize Updates

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the smaller updates we’ve had this month and what’s coming up for us;

  • When ordering properties by date anywhere on the site we’ll now order them by the date they were last put on the market, as opposed to when they were first added to WordPress.
  • Our Property Import add on UI has been tidied up when it comes to setting up a new import. The list of formats was growing so long now that we support nearly 40 software providers so we’ve worked our magic to simplify this.
  • We recently announced that you could now import enquiries made through Rightmove back into Property Hive. We’re working with OnTheMarket to do the same and hope to have this same functionality available within the next few days.
  • Using our Real-Time Feed Add On you can now send your properties to OpenBrix.
  • We’ve resolved 596 support tickets this month. That’s 1 every 3 working minutes. We’re making some changes to how support works over the coming month so watch this space.
  • This next month we’re also having a real push at improving our documentation. Expect this to be much more in-depth with screencasts and more.
  • Our Developer Directory has gained a few more Property Hive experts. Don’t forget, if you’re a developer that’s built a site using Property Hive, get in touch and we can get your business added too.
  • There are heaps of fixes and updates that don’t always make it into our monthly roundups and blog posts, but you can keep up to date with what’s going on by checking our our Property Hive roadmap if you have a feature request that you’d like to be considered for our roadmap, let us know!

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