The Zoopla Real-Time Listings Add On Has Arrived

4th April 2019

It’s been a long time coming but you can now successfully send properties from Property Hive to Zoopla in real-time using our new add on.

This feature is probably the one that’s been on our feature roadmap the longest. Not because we didn’t want to work on it, in fact, we really did as it’s these kind of large projects we really enjoy working on.

It’s more because we already could send properties to Zoopla using our BLM Export add on. Although it’s not real-time, it did allow estate agents to get their properties from WordPress to Zoopla in a timely and automated fashion.

We recently learned however that Zoopla were stopping support for the BLM format for new agents and were trying to phase it out. Understandable really as the BLM format has been around for as long as I can remember, and is a bit dated when you consider the world today is full of live API’s.

To support this phasing out of the old format we knew that now was the time to get this feature built and so today, we announce the Zoopla Real-Time Listings Add On.

Although Rightmove and OnTheMarket also have a real-time feed available, which we already support using our existing RTDF add on, Zoopla have opted for their own variation of this having created their own format. This means different authorisation, different field names, different data structures and so on. Due to how different it was we felt it best to keep the two formats separate and give it it’s own add on.


Key Features

More details can be found on the add on page itself, but let’s take a look at some of the key features:

– Properties sent to Zoopla instantly in real-time when saved in WordPress
– Setup and manage the feed yourself through the Property Hive settings area
– You’ll be alerted if a property failed to send upon saving
– In-depth logs; view all requests and responses for successful or failed attempts


But I Bought the BLM Export Add On To Send Properties To Zoopla

If you’ve previously purchased the BLM Export add on to send properties to Zoopla we’ll be offering a 25% discount on this new add on. Simply get in touch and we’ll provide the necessary instructions.


Get Started

If you’re interested in sending your properties from WordPress to Zoopla in real-time you can view more details and purchase the add on by clicking the button below:


View Zoopla Real-Time Add On


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