Version 1.4.42 of Property Hive Released

17th July 2019

Yesterday saw the release of version 1.4.42 of Property Hive. In this post we’ll look at what’s included within this latest release.


Expanded Commercial Applicant Requirements

You can now record minimum and maximum floor area against a commercial applicants requirements. These can be entered from the backend of WordPress or by an applicant should they register via the frontend.

This additional criteria will then be taken into account when it comes to matching applicants to properties and emailing (or texting) them suitable properties.


Extendable Departments

We covered this briefly following the release of our Student Accommodation add on earlier this week.

In summary, when you install Property Hive you get three default departments to assign properties to; Residential Sales, Residential Lettings and Commercial. With the changes we’ve made in this version, third parties can now expand on this by adding their own departments.


And Much More…

– Scroll page back to top upon applicant registration so the success message is visible
– If someone re-registers with same email address then update existing details
– Catered for when floorplan isn’t an image in floorplans meta box
– Catered for array passed in querystring and put in search form hidden fields
– Added address_two to geocoding request
– Added new filter ‘propertyhive_price_output’ to get_formatted_price() method
– Changed priority of admin scripts loaded to fix conflict with Salient
– Removed recent geocoding restriction as causing a few issues with addresses in Scotland
– Declared compatibility for WordPress 5.2.2

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