Sending Properties To Gumtree From Property Hive

27th March 2017

We get asked a lot if we are able to send properties from a WordPress site using Property Hive to Gumtree. After talking with their business team we’re pleased to confirm that this is indeed possible.

One of our primary aims has always been to integrate with as many third parties as possible, be it importing properties from property software organisations, or sending properties to the various portals. After being asked about whether we support Gumtree a few times over the past months we decided to investigate and spoke to their team.

After talking with Gumtree we were pleased to hear that they support the BLM format. This means if you have our BLM Export Add On up and running you can include Gumtree in the list of property feed recipients.

If you’re interested you can get in touch with their business team to discuss obtaining the relevant information you need. Or, if you have a license key we’ll be able to do this on your behalf.


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