Property Import Add On Update – Improved Logging, Commercial Support In CSV Format

28th June 2018

Our most popular add on, the Property Import add on, has just been updated and is now available to download.

Version 1.0.96 of the Property Import add on has just been released and contains the following changes and new functionality:


Improved Logging

Logs are important when importing properties as they allow you to see exactly what went on during the import, validate that it completed successfully, and get alerted to any issues that might’ve occurred. The logs produced when performing an import were already in-depth, and with the Email Reports functionality released a short while ago, we were really pleased with how this feature worked.

That being said, there’s always room for improvement, and there were things we were finding would be useful when debugging our own imports. As such we’ve made the following improvements:

– We’ve removed unnecessary logs that offered no benefit. This should reduce log entries by about 50% meaning only important and useful logs are present. Not only does this make them shorter and more readable, it reduces the database storage required to store these logs.

– When a property is imported we now do a comparison of meta data and taxonomies/terms before and after. We can then compare these and display exactly what changed on a per-property basis. For example:

[code]Updated price. Before: 960000, After: 925000[/code]

– When logging how many photos, floorplans etc have been imported, we now display how many are new files vs how many we have imported in the past. For example:

[code]Imported 10 photos (2 new, 8 existing)[/code]


Commercial Property Support Added to CSV Format

Using the CSV format you can perform one-time imports of properties, great for migrating from another plugin or system. We’ve now updated this CSV format and added support for commercial properties so you can import these into your WordPress website with all the related data: price, type, floor area etc.

If you already have the import add on installed and you have a license key you can update to this latest version through WordPress right away to benefit from these new features.


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