October 2020 Property Import Updates

2nd November 2020

There have been quite a few updates to our Property Import add on which is now running at 1.2.12. We’ve combined the top features from the our last releases.


  • Added support for tenure mapping to the MRI format.
  • Added support for price qualifier mapping to the MRI format.
  • Imported lat and lng to the MRI format.
  • Imported ‘extras’ in the MRI format, appending them to the full description.
  • Corrected an issue with properties not getting POA set accordingly in the MRI format.
  • Changed the Vebra format so getting ‘updated properties only’ gets all within the last 24 hours instead of just the last hour. This should get around any issues with timezones, BST, or rare occurrences when a property gets updated in Vebra as the import is running.
  • If garden node is passed as ‘yes’ in the Decorus data, it now records it as the corresponding outside space value with same name.
  • Catered for rent being a range in the agentsinsight format so ‘rent’ and ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields are set accordingly.
  • Corrected rent frequency for commercial properties in the Dezrez JSON format.
  • Renamed the recently added ‘fatal error’ related functions to avoid potential clashes.
  • Renamed the ‘media cron add_log()’ function so it doesn’t clash with main class.


  • Added an option to the MRI XML format to only import updated properties to ensure features and rooms are imported in the MRI XML format.
  • Extended the Veco virtual tour lookup to include the word ‘tour’ when looking in the URL fields to determine if a URL is a virtual tour.


  • Corrected rent frequency for commercial properties in the Dezrez XML format.
  • Added support for mapping commercial property types in the Dezrez XML format.
  • If the loop format is being used, we’ve added a prompt about exporting enquiries to Loop including a link to the add on.
  • If the Arthur format is being used, we’ve added a prompt about exporting enquiries to Arthur Online including a link to the add on.


  • Ensured only property.xml XML file is processed in the Decorus format.
  • Ensured WP_Error is returned when calling ‘wp_update_post()’.
  • Corrected issues of featured properties not resetting in the agentinsight format.


  • Introduced tracking of fatal errors and logged them accordingly in an effort to aid with support when imports bomb out with very little error information.
  • Ensured modified images are imported in the ExpertAgent format when replaced with different files but using the same filename.
  • When mapping branches in the Jupix format, catered for the name and comma-delimited list.
  • Import formats now ordered correctly in dropdown regardless of case.


  • Fixed a bug for the AgentOS format which resulted in the town/city not being imported.
  • Set a timeout in Veco request.


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