Property Import Add On Version 1.1.0 Released

17th August 2018

This week saw the 100th version of our Property Import add on get released. In this post we’ll look back at some of the latest versions and the key features included.

The very first version of the Property Import add on was released back in January 2016 and it’s only functionality was to do a manual BLM import. Skip forward to today and you can now automatically import properties from pretty much every third party estate agency software provider there is.

It’s come a long way and we’re proud of how many formats we can now support, as well as how robust it is. This is probably why it’s by far our most popular add on.

There’s been a lot of new functionality and bug fixes in the last few versions which you can see from the changelog below:

= 1.1.0 =
* Corrected issue with new 'Only import updated properties' option in Reapit / JET format
* Added link to logs to download processed BLM files to assist with support

= 1.0.99 =
* Added new option to Reapit / JET format to only import updated properties
* Added support for commercial properties to Reapit / JET format
* Added support for multiple residential property types in Reapit / JET format
* Catch invalid SOAP calls in Reapit / JET feed which would cause fatal error
* Fixed availability mapping in Agency Pilot format
* Added 'OfferAccepted' to default list of availability mappings in Dezrez JSON format
* Append floors and tenancy schedule to full description in Realla format
* Correct commercial rent frequency in Vebra format. Don't just default to pa
* Declare support for WordPress version 4.9.8

= 1.0.98 =
* Added additional warning when deleting import that has on market properties. Was causing support when people created a copy of an existing import and wondered why the old properties weren't removed from the market.
* Take into account MarketedOnInternet field in ReapIT/JET format when deciding if property should be on the market or not
* Updated Dezrez JSON format to include support for specific Branch IDs and/or Tags
* Corrected property ID field name in Realla format when comparing meta/terms and logging changes

= 1.0.97 =
* Added support for commercial tenure to BLM format
* Added new message promoting new Jupix Enquiries add on if a Jupix import is setup
* Removed line breaks from full description when importing from Jupix as they include both HTML br's and line breaks which resulted in double spacing on front end.
* Tweaked Reapit / JET remove functionaliyy including new filter and improved log
* Declare support for WordPress version 4.9.7

If you need to import properties from your estate agency software into WordPress then our Property Import add on is a proven solution and we’d love to hear from you. Simply click the button below to find out more.


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