Property Import Add On Update: Support For Rex Software, Availability Changes And More

14th May 2020

Our popular Property Import add on has undergone some serious change in this latest version. Let’s look at what new functionality has been added to version 1.1.63 of the add on and how it can benefit your estate agency.

Support For Rex Software Added

Rex Software

Rex Software becomes the 33rd format that we can now support. Using their API we can import properties automatically into WordPress for displaying on your agency website.

As with all formats, setting up a new import from Rex Software is quick and easy. Simply follow the step-by-step wizard entering your Rex credentials, and your properties will start to import in no time.

Improved Availability Mapping

Since day one we’ve faced problems when formats use the same statuses for both sales and lettings. For example, the Jupix format uses the same ID for both ‘For Sale’ and ‘To Let’. When creating an import you could only map it to one or the other meaning properties would get the wrong status and some bespoke coding was required to correct this.

As a result, this has always caused a support headache for us and, until recently, we weren’t really sure if we’d ever have a solution to this, let alone one that was backwards compatible with imports already in place.

We’re pleased to say however that this has been resolved by splitting up the availability mapping stage of the setup process meaning you’ll be able to map sales statuses and lettings statuses independently.

We’ve also done it in such a way that this new functionality will only show for imports setup going forward meaning old imports will remain untouched.

Intelligent CSV Imports

We’ve improved the way CSV imports work when it comes to updating existing records. Previously if a field wasn’t set in a CSV it would set the field on the property record to blank. This would cause potential issues if the field already contained data as that information would be lost/emptied.

With this update we will now only update data on a property record when importing from CSV if that field exists in the CSV.

More Control Over How Units Are Imported From Arthur

When creating a new import from Arthur you will have a new setting allowing you to specify whether units should be imported as children of the top-level property, or whether they should be imported as their own property records.

With them going in as their own records they’ll appear as separate results when a user performs a search on the frontend of the website.

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