New Add On: Daily Staff Schedules To Your Inbox

22nd May 2020

As an agent we understand that a calendar is one of your most valuable assets to assist with timekeeping and organising your day. However, a calendar requires you to go and see what events you’ve got coming up. Our latest add on removes this by sending your schedule to you, straight to your inbox.

Our new add on, Email Schedule, will compile all of your upcoming events for the day and send it automatically via email so you can see at a glance what you’ve got coming up:

Daily Email Schedule Sample

You’ll notice the email contains the time of the event, useful information such as contact details for the parties involved, as well as directions to the property when applicable.

If you’re using Property Hive as your primary estate agency software CRM, this, combined with our Calendar add on, makes planning and scheduling your time easy.

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