Property Hive Features

Create your perfect property website with our powerful features included in our free Property Hive plugin

Simple & intuitive

Property Hive is easy to navigate and can be used by anyone regardless of their WordPress experience.

Power your website, run your agency, or both

Property Hive does more than just displaying your properties. Use it to record contacts, track viewings and much much more.

More than forty add ons

Customise your website with our extensive range of add ons.

No limits

Add an unlimited amount of properties with no restrictions on the use of our free core plugin.

Get your property website up and running with our free theme

For startups or people on a budget, our Honeycomb theme is free to use and allows you to get up and running quickly.

All types of property supported

We support sales, lettings and commercial properties by default. Third party add ons can add their own type of property such as student accommodation.

Completely customisable

Customise your property website however you like. All of the templates can be over ridden or you can add your own css to achieve your perfect layout.

Built with tools you already know

WordPress powers over 34% of all websites. If you're familiar with WordPress already, using Property Hive will be second nature.

Built by developers with developers in mind

We're developers first and foremost with a passion for property. With hundreds of hooks available, you can extend it to your liking.

Support for overseas properties

You can also add properties in other countries with support for live currency exchange rates and more.

Open source

Property Hive is developed by the world, meaning anyone can contribute to it.

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