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Looking for free open-source estate agency software? From managing contacts and tracking viewings, to recording those all important sales at every stage.

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Managing contacts, properties, viewings and more is absolutely crucial to the running of any estate agency. Property Hive have made it easy for estate agents to manage their agency and run their website all in one place.

Unless stated otherwise, all the functionality you see is part of the free core plugin making it a great, cost-effective option for your next estate agency software CRM.


Record your applicants along with their contact details and requirements.

They can register themselves through a registration form on your website, or you can add them through WordPress.

Then match them to suitable properties and send them property alerts via email or SMS.

Vendors and Landlords

Against each property you can track who the owner is, along with their contact details.

Third party Contacts

Solicitors, board contractors, plumbers and more. Manage your third party contacts and their details.

Tasks and Appointments

Calendars and diaries are paramount to an agency. Our Calendar add on will give you a visual representation of your day and display all of the appraisals, viewings, tasks and appointments you, and other staff members, have coming up.

Automatically Send Properties To All Major Third Party Portals

Send your properties automatically to lots of third party property portals including the likes of: Zoopla, Rightmove, and On the Market, using our Zoopla real time listings and Rightmove and On the Market add-ons.


When an enquiry is made via your website we’ll record it in Property Hive. From here you can assign the enquiry to a staff member and track it’s status.


Here you can manage any upcoming appraisals and track the progress once it’s been carried out.

If you win the instruction you can quickly convert the appraisal to a property record for displaying on your website.


Record viewing details, the applicant and the property. Send email confirmations then track it as it progresses including recording feedback and convert it to an offer.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Our Microsoft Office 365 add on allows you to sync appointments directly from Property Hive to your Office email account as well as view emails sent and received through a specified email address.

Events in Property Hive are pushed to your Outlook calendar. This means that any events and appraisals added in Property Hive, will now show in your Outlook calendar. This version only allows a one way sync to your calendar, but we will be looking to develop this further in later versions.

When in a contact record in Property Hive you’ll be able to see any correspondence between the contact and anyone in your organisation.


Manage your offers by entering the offer details and the property and applicant in question. Update it’s status once accepted or declined and convert to a sale when successful.



Sales can be managed using Property Hive by recording the sale details, along with the property, owner and applicant involved.

Property Management & Tenancies

Included free as part of our core plugin is our management module allowing you to record tenancies and key dates.


We have a range of reports available offering you a top-level view of your property stock.

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