Will Rightmove’s Security Protocol Changes Effect You?

11th January 2017

If you currently take advantage of the Rightmove Real-Time Feed you might have received an email recently notifying you that they’re changing their security protocols on the 31st January 2017. In this post we take a look at the email sent out, and whether it effects you.

The email sent out to data providers using the RTDF read as follows:

Rightmove Security Update Email

We’ve had enquiries from a number of Property Hive users asking us if this will effect them if they are using our Rightmove Real-Time Feed Add On.

The short answer is no, this will not effect you in anyway and there are no changes or updates to the add on required to cater for these changes. As Rightmove state in the email above, the test site has been updated and we are still able to send properties successfully there. We’ve also personally contacted Rightmove to be 100% sure and they too confirm there are no updates required.