White Label Property Hive With Our New Add On

27th August 2017

We’ve just released a new add on called ‘White Label‘ which allows you to quickly and easily replace all occurrences of the word ‘Property Hive’ within the WordPress admin UI.

If you’re an estate agency that runs Property Hive on your WordPress site you might want to customise and rename it to make it your own. Alternatively, if you’re a WordPress design agency there’s a chance you don’t want your client knowing what software you’ve used.

With this new add on you can satisfy both of these scenarios. Once installed you’ll have access to a new settings tab where you can enter the term you wish to replace ‘Property Hive’ with. This will then replace it throughout the entire WordPress admin UI, including the menu, the plugins list, the dashboard and more.

To purchase and add this to your website simply follow the link below:


View White Label Add On


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