Version 1.4.69 Released – New Elementor Widgets, Keyword Search and More

Version 1.4.69 Released – New Elementor Widgets, Keyword Search and More

4th September 2020

We’ve just released version 1.4.69 of Property Hive which contains the following new features and fixes:

New Elementor Widgets

This version introduces 3 new Elementor widgets:

New Elementor Widgets

We’ve also made an update to the ‘Images’ widget allowing you to specify that thumbnails be hidden:

New Keyword Search Field

We’ve added a new search field that can be added to search forms called ‘Keyword’:

When a search term is entered we’ll return properties that contain this keyword within the address, features, summary description or full description. Great if someone is looking for property with a specific feature.

This new field can be added to forms using the drag-and-drop search form builder contained within our free Template Assistant add on.

And More…

The following smaller tweaks have also been included:

  • Corrected ‘blank option’ in commercial property type search dropdown not taking effect
  • Added new option to ‘Property Hive > Settings > Emails’ to allow users to change email address manual matches are sent from by default
  • Added hooks to ‘Generate Applicant List’ page so third parties can add their own fields and filter results accordingly
  • Corrected conversion of sqm sizes to sqft for commercial properties when storing these for filtering and ordering
  • Corrected class name for image setting row
  • Use .on() listener when listening for search form department changes to cater for search forms written to DOM dynamically (i.e. in popups)
  • Tidied up slider control code to be more generic so third parties can add their own slider controls that aren’t price or bedrooms related
  • Declared compatibility for WordPress 5.5.1

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