Version 1.4.59 Released – Virtual Tours in Lightboxes, Flexible Commercial Search And More

19th May 2020

If you’ve been following our blog or feature roadmap you will have noticed a whole host of new functionality being released recently. Today is no different as we tell you about what was included in version 1.4.59 of Property Hive.

Let’s take a look below at what you can expect to see when you update:

Virtual Tours In Lightboxes

When a virtual tour is added to a property, if it’s a YouTube or Vimeo link, it will now open in a lightbox as opposed to opening in a new tab. This ensures users are kept on your site whilst browsing.

Virtual Tour Videos in lightbox

REST API Improvements

If you use the WordPress REST API to request properties we’ve made a few improvements giving you more control over which properties are returned. You’ll now be able to use the same querystring parameters found on a standard search page to filter properties accordingly, for example:


We’ve also added virtual tours to the data returned.

Flexible Commercial Search Results

Commercial properties made up multiple units can consist of a top-level property, as well as the individual units. Previously a search would return both the top-level property AND the individual units. We’ve found that agents like to display commercial properties differently based on the types of property being listed, and personal preference.

Commercial property search results display option

As a result we’ve now added a new setting to ‘Property Hive > Settings > General > Miscellaneous‘ allowing you to change how commercial properties are displayed in results in terms of whether units are returned or not.

And More…

* Availability dropdowns added to frontend search forms will now adhere to the department selection added in 1.4.58
* The ‘office’ custom post type has had it’s ‘publicly_queryable’ option changed to false so they don’t get indexed
* We’ve added extra filters and hooks allowing third party plugins to add additional checks in property matching. This was primarily added as a result of a recent Template Assistant add on update allowing you to add additional fields that also effect property matches.

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