Version 1.4.30 of Property Hive Released – Generate Applicant Lists and More

21st January 2019

Seven plugin versions have passed since our last release announcement and a lot has been going on during this time. In this post we’ll look at some of the recently added functionality and improvements.


Generate Applicant Lists

A key feature of any estate agency is to generate applicant lists. Most likely you want to see (and show off to potential vendors and landlords) how many applicants you have on your mailing list that match their property should they instruct you.

With this new feature it’s now quick and easy to generate a list of applicants that match certain criteria. Simply navigate to the ‘Property Hive > Applicants’ and click the ‘Generate Applicant List’ button:

You’ll then have the ability to set a variety of criteria (maximum price, bedrooms etc):

This is the first version of this feature and we already have more improvements to come to this in the near future, including being able to export the results, being able to customise the columns exported and whether or not to mask the applicant’s details so a list can be shown to potential vendors and landlords.


Massive Security Overhaul

For the beady-eyed amongst you, you might’ve noticed that Property Hive came off of the WordPress plugin repository for a while. Unfortunately the WordPress plugin team found a potential exploit and removed Property Hive with immediate effect.

We see this as a positive move and are very grateful for them bringing this to our attention, as well as giving in-depth explanations as to how we can resolve the issues. To address this we went through every single file and made 563 changes in total, ensuring every bit of input is validated and sanitized to keep your website safe as possible.

We’re not security experts so this has been a great learning experience for us and greater security will definitely be considered for all features developed in the future.


And Lots More…

You can see the full change log here for a full list of amendments.