Property Hive Version 1.5.31 – Auto Match Filters, Similar Properties Improvements and More

28th February 2022

Version 1.5.31 of Property Hive has just been released and is available for updating to through WordPress right away. See below for a detailed look at exactly what’s included with this new version:

New Auto Match Filters

If using Property Hive as your main estate agency CRM software then automatically sending property alerts is no doubt a key feature that you use to send your properties out to potential applicants.

By default, it’s either on or off with not much control over the sending times or frequency, so in this release we’ve added some new filters to give you more control over this feature should you wish to customise it:

Filter: propertyhive_auto_email_match_cron_recurrence
Default: daily
Description: Change how often the auto match cron runs. Possible values include hourly, twicedaily or daily

Filter: propertyhive_auto_match_maximum_results
Default: No default
Description: Limits the number of properties that should be included within a mailout.

Filter: propertyhive_auto_match_from_email_address
Default: The email address of the office that has the most properties included within the mailout
Description: Allows you override the ‘From’ email address used when sending mailouts.

Filter: propertyhive_auto_email_match_cron_timestamp
Default: 02:00 tomorrow
Description: This was actually added in version 1.5.26 but feel it’s applicable to reference it here again. Allows you to change the time at which the cronjobn is executed. Can accept any string understood by the PHP strtotime() function

[similar_properties] Shortcode Improvements

An issue that seemed to be coming up surrounding similar properties was that there were no location constraints when deciding if a property was ‘similar’ or not. This meant a property in London could appear as a ‘similar’ property to one in Manchester. For nationwide estate agents with offices spanning multiple counties this could cause an issue.

As a result, we’ve added a new attribute to the [similar_properties] shortcode called ‘matching_address_field‘ that allows you to specify only properties with the same address field should be returned. An example of this would be:

[similar_properties matching_address_field=’address_three’]

… when you only want to return properties that have the same town/city field as the property in question. The accepted values are: address_two, address_three, address_four and location.

And More…

  • Changed appraisal confirmation emails to use ‘From’ address specified in email settings area, instead of admin email address
  • Corrected ‘columns’ attribute not impacting template CSS classes in [properties] shortcode
  • Corrected auto-match tooltip so it doesn’t sound like they’re sent instantly
  • Corrected office name not showing in main enquiries list
  • Corrected recent ‘Yesterday’ date filter addition
  • Corrected viewing confirmation emails breaking when owner or applicant has a comma-delimited email address entered
  • Declared compatibility for WordPress 5.9.1
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