New Postcode Lookup Service Added – Google Geocoding

23rd January 2019

A new and free service, Google Geocoding, has been added to our Postcode Lookup Add On making quick and error-free data input even easier.

The Postcode Lookup add on is a great addition to your estate agency WordPress site if you ever enter properties or contacts manually. Previously we only supported paid-for services, however we’re pleased to now offer the free Google Geocoding service as an option.

All you need to get started is a Google Maps API Key (more about this can be found in our documentation) and you’re ready to go.

There is one key difference between the paid-for services and Google Geocoding that it’s worth noting. When using this new service you don’t get presented a list of all the available addresses, including house number, to then choose from. You simply enter the postcode, click ‘Lookup’ and it completes as much of the address as available. You still then have to enter the house number manually.

We will continue to look at adding more services in the future and, as always, welcome any feedback or feature suggestions regarding this add on.


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