New Add On: Rightmove Real-Time Data Feed (RTDF) for Property Hive in WordPress

5th December 2015

Just hours after the release of our first add on, we’ve gone and done it again. Another brand spanking new add on is now available: Property Portal Rightmove Real-Time DataFeed (RTDF)

Rightmove Property Hive WordPress Plugin settings

Now we’re giving you the ability to send the properties in Property Hive to Rightmove in real-time. As soon as you hit ‘Save’ on a property, BANG, there it is. No more hanging around for hours, or even days, waiting for your stock to appear, as has been the case with previous feed formats.

A few hours delay is a big deal when people are looking for property 24/7. Getting properties up onto the property portals as quickly as possible means more chance of potential buyers and renters seeing it, and ultimately, hopefully more viewings leading to sales.

The other advantage of the real-time feed is that should you notice a mistake, you can rectify it right away in seconds. In the past, we’ve seen cases where an important contract or similar was uploaded to a property and was therefore sent to all the third parties. They had to wait a fair few hours before it could be removed. That scenario could now be rectified in seconds.

We believe we’re the first people to offer off-the-shelf WordPress plugins for both real-time and BLM formats of feeds, and are proud to continue to expand on our list of tools available for estate agents using WordPress.

To find out more and purchase the add on, please click here:

View Rightmove Real-Time DataFeed (RTDF) Plugin

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