New Add On: BLM Export For PropertyHive in WordPress

5th December 2015

Our first add-on is officially here, and it’s a big one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you the PropertyHive BLM Export Add-on.

If you’re an estate agent that also displays stock on property portals (Zoopla, OnTheMarket etc) as well on your own WordPress site, you need some way to get your properties sent across to these third parties.

This add-on attempts to solve that by automatically, at set intervals, taking the properties that are present in PropertyHive, wrapping them up, and sending them across. Once configured (which is also a breeze by the way), you can sit back and watch your properties appear on the portals.

You can find out more or purchase the add-on here:

PropertyHive BLM Export Add-on

We are so pleased to now be extending the core functionality of PropertyHive and WordPress, and providing estate agents with extra tools they might need to market their properties quickly and easily.

We’ve got more add ons right around the corner so watch this space.

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