Introducing Annual License Keys For Priority Support and Add On Updates

4th January 2017

As the number of downloads, add ons and features continue to increase at a steady rate, we’re introducing new measures to ensure we can continue to grow and enhance Property Hive for you, whilst still being able to support the people that really matter; our users.

Just a brief glance at reviews we’ve received should highlight how much we pride ourselves on great support. We believe that a prompt and useful response to a support query is key to engaging users and that’s never been more applicable than in our first year.

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Unfortunately, as more and more estate agent sites choose Property Hive, we can’t continue to keep up this level of support for everyone. If we did we’d spend our whole time answering support queries meaning the product doesn’t get improved and no new add ons or themes get released.

The change sees us introduce annual license keys. These licenses, which are completely optional and are available to purchase through our website, offer you the following benefits:

– one-to-one email support
– priority support, ensuring you get a response within 1-2 business days
– the latest updates to add ons you’ve previously purchased

Note that these license keys are not mandatory and sites not having a license will still function as normal, you just won’t receive the latest add on releases and support may be a little slower.

Nobody particularly likes different pricing models being introduced so we’ve tried to make this as low cost and pain-free as possible for all parties involved, whilst bringing benefits to those that do choose to go ahead and purchase a license.

We hope you understand our decision and welcome any questions regarding the change. Just know that the small fee for these licenses means we can continue to release kick-ass features and add ons as we have done solidly for the past 12 months.


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