Introducing Developer License Keys

18th May 2020

We understand that there are typically two categories of user that integrate Property Hive into a WordPress site: The estate agent themselves who will work on their site, and their site alone, or a WordPress development agency who could build multiple property websites.

In the past we’ve only had one license key available for single sites only. This meant if you were a developer and you built five property websites you would need five separate license keys.

To make things easier (and cheaper long term) for developers we’re pleased to announce the release of a new license key aimed specifically at developers. This addition means that you’ll only need one license key which can be used on unlimited WordPress sites. Simply enter the same license key into the settings area of Property Hive to all your sites:

Property Hive License Key

To purchase a developer license key, or to read more about the benefits of having one, simply visit the link below:

License Keys

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