Import Properties From VaultEA into Property Hive

16th March 2022

If you’re using VaultEA as your primary estate agency CRM software you can now use Property Hive to automatically sync your property stock to your WordPress site.

Our Property Import add on has just been updated to version 1.2.86 which includes support for it’s 46th format, this time in the form of the VaultEA API.

When creating a new import you’ll have the option to choose ‘VaultEA API’ from the list of available formats where you’ll then go through the normal step-by-step wizard. Once all setup, your properties will be automatically imported at regular intervals and shown on your Property Hive website instantly.

VaultEA API Property Import Options

If you want to start importing properties from VaultEA to your WordPress website, our Property Import add on can be purchased below:

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