Easily Manage Custom Fields With Our Latest Template Assistant Add On Update

30th March 2017

We’ve just released a new version of our popular free Template Assistant Add On which now includes the ability to manage custom fields shown on the property record through the WordPress interface.

One of our aims when building Property Hive is to keep it as simple, clean, and as easy to use as possible. As such we try to only include key fields on the property record. This includes fields such as price and bedrooms that are fundamental bits of property information that everyone will use.

We understand that not every agency is the same. Based on size, location, or how bespoke the properties are being marketed, there will always be a need to record additional information about properties. As a result we’ve made it super easy to now add any custom fields to the property record that you require, all through WordPress removing the need to get into any code.

Once the Template Assistant Add On is activated, you can access this new feature by visiting ‘Property Hive > Settings > Template Assistant > Custom Fields’. From here you’ll be able to add new fields and select which section of the property record this field should exist in.

Property Hive Template Assistant Custom Fields

Once fields are setup they’ll instantly appear on the property record ready to be filled in.

Property Hive Custom Field

We’re always keen to make Property Hive as usable as possible for everyone, regardless of technical experience, and we feel this is another step forward in achieving this.


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