Add Multi-Select Custom Fields With Our Template Assistant Add On

23rd November 2017

Our popular free Template Assistant add on has just had a new feature added whereby you can now add custom fields of type multi-select.

With over 400 downloads at the time of writing, our free Template Assistant add on is one of our most popular add ons allowing users to make changes to elements such as search results layouts and search forms.

Another feature of this add on is the ability to easily add custom fields to properties, whilst also allowing users to search by them.

Previously you could add custom fields of type text, textarea and select, but we’ve now added the ability to add multi-select fields. We already have a couple of multi-select fields on a property record, such as Parking and Outside Space, but now you can easily add your own.

When setting up a custom field simply choose the type from the dropdown and add the options you want to be available for selection.

Multi-select custom fields

We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to expanding on this further in the future.


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