We’ve Integrated With StuRents

1st September 2016

One of our aims for Property Hive is to make it accessible for as many estate agents as possible by integrating with as many third party systems and websites as we can. The latest addition to this list of websites is StuRents, one of the UK’s largest student accommodation property portals in the UK.

When we were approached by StuRents a few weeks ago we were inspired by their passion for the student property market, and their desire to please the agents that list properties on their site. They had a few agents interested in using Property Hive on their website and we were keen to assist with making the link between Property Hive and StuRents as seamless as possible.

As a result of the above, we’ve just released a completely free add on which enables you to both fetch and send properties between Property Hive and the StuRents website. Once installed, the add on is simple to configure meaning you can be up and running in minutes.

If you deal with student accommodation and list your properties on StuRents we hope you’ll be able to use this add on on your WordPress website.


More Details and Download