Version 1.4.72 Released

29th October 2020

Version 1.4.72 of Property Hive has just been released. Although a smaller change than normal, we’ve got lots of exciting other things going in the background for the next release and our add ons have also been receiving lots of love.

Below you can find a quick overview of that’s been included in this latest release.

Add Cc and Bcc fields to match screens

When sending a property match, be it via an applicant or a property, you’ll now have the ability to Cc or Bcc in additional people.

jQuery migrate tweaks to support later jQuery version

With the recent jQuery changes introduced in WordPress 5.5 that impacted a lot of plugins, we’re busy preparing for future changes that WordPress make as they continue to drop support for versions of jQuery going forward. We’ve been swapping out any deprecated jQuery functionality to ensure updating in future is hassle free.

We’re also going through each add on over the next few weeks to ensure they’re all compliant as well so expect updates to these coming soon.

And More:

  • Correct marker anchoring on property map when using the map search add on and a custom marker has been uploaded.
  • Prevent notes from getting added multiple times by disabling the ‘Add Note’ form whilst it’s getting submitted.
  • Run commercial rent frequency through translation function so they can be translated/substituted
  • Add new filter ‘propertyhive_always_show_applicant_relationship_name’ to allow applicant relationship names (introduced in to be shown all the time, not only when multiple relationships exist.
  • Add new filters ‘propertyhive_currency_symbol’ and ‘propertyhive_currency_prefix’ so currency symbols and whether it’s prefixed or not can be overwritten.

This latest version is available for you to update to through WordPress now.

Thanks as always for your continued support, suggestions and feedback. Don’t forget you can track upcoming features and submit your own ideas on our roadmap.