Version 1.4.16 Released – Fixed Currency Exchange and Improved Bulk Edit

16th February 2018

Today we released the latest version of Property Hive, version 1.4.16 which sees a change to how we obtain currency exchange rates and an improved property bulk edit feature.

Currency Exchange Rates

For those of you that list properties which aren’t in the UK, the pricing and currency exchange feature of Property Hive is imperative. It allows accurate searching by price and assists with ordering search results in order of price.

Property hive International Country Settings

As a bit of background, whenever you enter prices anywhere in Property Hive, we convert and store them in GBP. This means if you list properties in multiple countries with multiple currencies we have a baseline price to work with so that we can filter and sort effectively and efficiently.

Previously we would use the Yahoo Finance API to perform these currency exchanges, however it came to our attention that they had pulled this service without giving any notice. Fortunately though Google has saved the day as now we use their finance API to obtain the exchange rates we need.


Improved Property Bulk Edit

From the main property list page in WordPress you now re-assign properties to different negotiators and offices using the existing bulk edit feature. This should save time when wishing to change this on a lot of records at one time.

Property Bulk Edit

Don’t forget that if you wish to keep up to date with what features and fixes we are working on and have coming up, as well as contribute your own features, don’t forget to check out our roadmap on Trello.