Send Properties To Boomin From WordPress

12th May 2021

Following the recent launch of new property portal Boomin last month we’re pleased to announce that you can use Property Hive to send your properties to Boomin from your WordPress site.

Even better is that it uses the same real-time format supported by other portals, such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket, and therefore uses existing functionality already available with our Real-Time Feed add on.

How do I send my properties to Boomin?

If you’re interested in setting up an export to Boomin we’ve included a quick guide below:

Get in touch with Boomin

Let Boomin know that you’re looking to start sending your properties to them and they’ll provide you the relevant links to register and access the certificates, passwords and other information you’ll need to setup the feed.

Note: One thing that differs between Boomin and other real-time feeds is that you won’t be provided the final PEM certificate ready to upload and will need to generate certificates yourself . We’ve documented this here and can offer assistance if you need us to do this on your behalf.

Install our Real-Time Feed add on

If you already have our Real-Time Feed add on in place you can add this new feed right away. Alternatively if you’re looking to send properties from your estate agency WordPress website you can grab a copy of the add on below:

Purchase Real-Time Feed add on

Configure the feed

Inside WordPress navigate to ‘Property Hive > Settings > Real-Time Feed‘ where you’ll be able to add a new portal and configure it accordingly using the information provided.

Select which properties to send

On each property record you’ll be able to select that it should be sent to Boomin under the ‘Marketing’ tab:

Once saved, the property will be sent instantly. Should an error occur you’ll be notified of this with a link to view the detailed log.

We have a more in-depth guide regarding setting up new portal feeds, as well as a video walkthrough, available in our documentation.

This has been been a frequent request from many of our estate agent users and we’re pleased to announce that after working with Boomin we can officially now offer this.

Purchase Real-Time Feed add on