Property Import Version 1.1.44 Released – Draft or Delete Off Market Properties

30th October 2019

The latest version of our popular Property Import add on was released today. We don’t tend to write about every single release because some of them contain only a small handful of changes, or wouldn’t be relevant to most of our users. However, this latest release contains a new feature that is relevant to everybody using the add on to import their properties.

Draft or Delete Properties When Taken Off The Market

When properties are no longer received in the data from third parties we’ve always taken them off of the market in Property Hive so that they no longer appear in search results on your estate agency website. They would however still remain in WordPress and would be accessible were you to visit the URL of the property direct (i.e. from Google). We keep them in WordPress for two reasons:

  1. More content for SEO purposes
  2. Deleting them completely would result in 404 errors, which is actually bad for SEO

That aside, we do get asked a lot if properties can actually be fully deleted when taken off of the market. This option is now available in this latest release:

WordPress Property Import Remove Actions

You’ll see that we’ve added two new options: Draft Property and Delete Property.

If you choose one of these new options properties taken off of the market going forward will be updated accordingly. If you’re concerned about an increase in the number of 404 pages please see this documentation for more information on how to add a workaround.

If you’re an estate agent interested in using our Property Import add on to import your properties from Jupix, ExpertAgent, Vebra, Dezrez, ReapIT and more into your WordPress website, you can find out more information by clicking the button below:

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